The Cross-border Family Mediators Network is a dynamic community that brings together around 206 international family mediators from 40 countries. These mediators have received specialised training to tackle cross-border family conflicts, including those sensitive cases of parental abduction. Our main aim is to actively play a part in creating comprehensive child protection systems. These systems involve the collective efforts of various stakeholders, creating a safety net that ensures the safety and well-being of all children caught in the midst of cross-border family disputes.

At the very core of the network lies an essential mission: safeguarding children from the complexities of cross-border family disputes, especially when international parental abductions are involved.

Our network envisions a world where cross-border family conflicts are met with a strong sense of responsibility, empathy, and unwavering adherence to international standards. In pursuit of this vision, we actively contribute to the evolution of integrated child protection systems. We foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders, weaving a safety net of security and safeguarding for all children. By establishing clear priorities, we channel our limited resources towards solidifying our role as a dependable, enduring partner in safeguarding children ensnared in the complexities of cross-border family conflicts.

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