Network members present the work of an international family mediator


The Network of Cross-Border Family Mediators has the goal to help parents gain access to mediation by informing judges, central authorities and lawyers of the availability of specialized mediators. Therefore, it is necessary to build local and regional networks. Furthermore, we seek to create a platform of cross-border mediators and mediation trainers to share with each other and continue to deepen their knowledge and develop their skills.

On June 14th and 15th a European Conference on Cross-Border Mediation was organized by IMA (International Mediation Alliance) in Berlin. Several Members of the Network were present on this occasion and 5 members conducted a workshop on international family mediation together with our lead trainers Jamie Walker and Sybille Kiesewetter.

Eva Pavkova and Dietmar App were the mediators in a role play on mediation with language barriers. Sabine Walsh and Spiros Livadopoulos did a perfect job as conflicting parents. Anke Loebel played the role of the interpreter.